Sunday, July 8, 2007

Namaste Dosti - Lesson 2

We are happy to announce that lesson 2 has been finished! This one is slightly longer than the first one.
Here is an overview over the content:
There is a dialog and new words about where you are from (Are you punjabi?)
We have another short dialog with new words like room, big, small, clean and dirty.
As special treat, we will translate a line from a Bollywood movie song.
We used a variety of speakers this time. Thanks to everyone for their help!
We hope you enjoy lesson 2!

Pher melange!

Here is the link to the mp3 file.


Unknown said...

will you have a trascript of the podcast soon? or just the important phrases will helpful :)
Great lessons so far!

The Learn Hindi Podcast said...

We are working on the transcript.

Unknown said...

Hi! I'd love to see the transcript for this :-)

Scott said...

Hi. I just started learning with your Podcast. Thanks for your hard work.

Cameron said...

Still wondering if any transcripts are coming... Like the podcast. Thanks!

Also - some of the lessons seem a bit rushed, there is little time to practice words after we learn new words. I have to listen four or five times just to learn two new words because I don't have time to practice in between lines.


Reynaldo said...


Thanks for posting these wonderful podcasts. They are very useful. I was just wondering whether you could post your transcripts for your lessons 2 through 8 as the first lesson you posted was enriched a lot by the accompanying transcript.


Monica said...

this is great, thank you

Magda said...

Thanks for the podcasts! will there be more transcripts soon? They are very helpful.
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hi !
I've just found this website and I'm very impressed of the way of learning:) It's really great! Thank you.

Now I'm staring learn hindi and I'm wondering where is the second transcript ?

मसिजीवी said...

Really Nice podcast.
Please note that the phrase the "dosti is female version of dost" is absolutely wrong. Ramesh mera dost hai but Meena meri "dosti" hai is incorrect. Actually dosti is friendship per se.
Female version of dost is Saheli/dost.


KingJ said...

Hi. Lesson 2 podcast link seems to be broken :-/

Unknown said...

Hi, the link to the podcast doesn't work!

Gilles Moutounet said...

impossible to download lesson nber 2 :-(((

The Learn Hindi Podcast said...

repaired the link:

Rachel Clement said...

shukriya, dhanyavad! bahut achchaa.

Unknown said...

Hi! I like Hindi podcast do you have transcripts for the podcasts?

parthiban rajan said...

I am a male. So wats the difference between mere dil and mera dil? can i use like kabhi kabhi mera dil mein?