Saturday, October 13, 2007

Namaste Dosti - Lesson 6

Hello friends,

Yes, lesson 6 is finally finished!!! I hope you enjoy it.
We are talking about Meena's vacation and you will learn how to shop for fruits.
Our Bollywood song is from the movie "Lage Raho Muna Bhai".
Here is the full translation of the song: Pal Pal.

Link to the podcast.


Sameera said...

Great job Tina and Meena .Its very useful for people who doesn't know Hindi at all. Thanks for taking the effort to do it.

Mahashakti said...

I appreciate your taking the time in trying to teach old dogs new tricks. Something will rub off for sure. Any chance you can decrease the time between podcasts?

Mike S said...

I think the link to Lesson 6 is not working properly. I keep getting an error page.

Thank you for the other lessons they are great!!!!

Cheers from Fresno California

The Learn Hindi Podcast said...

Thanks for your comments. We are working on finishing lesson 7. We will try to decrease the time between podcasts next year!

ماثيو said...

hello there from washington DC! I listen to your podcast everytime it comes out and loved the song har pal. There is one line I am confused by. Could you give the meaning word by word of दिल पर टूटा हैं यह कैसा कहर
तुमको पाकर खोने का हैं डर
what I understand so far is: heart upon breaking is, this how (?) to-you knowing lose is fear. I know the word order is weird, but perhaps you could explain it more. I look forward to the next podcast!

The Learn Hindi Podcast said...

You are very close in translation...
It is actually a poetic scrambling of words which is very common in Indian Languages....

दिल पर टूटा हैं यह कैसा कहर -
Kahar - dilemma/confusion ( basically meaning sadness)
Toota - break / struck, In this place it means srtuck
Dil Par toota hai - in ( my) heart , struck is
Yah haisa kahar - this what a dilemma

दिल पर टूटा हैं यह कैसा कहर - What a dilemma struck my heart( What a dilemma my heart is in )

तुमको पाकर खोने का हैं डर - It is in fear of losing you

Hope this helps!!!!!


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