Sunday, December 30, 2007

Namaste Dosti - Lesson 7

Hard to believe, but we finished lesson 7!
To our defense for the long wait, the podcast is pretty long and packed with new stuff.
We are talking about going to the Garba, we are learning vocabulary about time and new numbers and we have a dialog about a planned vacation.

Our Bollywood song comes to you by suggestion of a listener: It is the title song of the 1977 Movie "Hum kisi se kum nahin" - a qawali song.
Here is the link to a YouTube clip for the song: Hum kisi se kum nahin
Here are the lyrics.

Please let us know if you have any comments and suggestions!

Here is the link to the podcast.


Anonymous said...


your blog is really good keep podcasts come....

Brenny said...

Hi, just want to say that I found your podcast on iTunes. I have been following it and am enjoying it quite a bit.

I particularly love the translations of Bollywood songs. I am Tamilian and just learning Hindi so it was delightful to finally understand some part of Kabhi Kabhi as well as Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

So please keep that as a regular part of your podcasts. In fact, I think if you did a podcast with translations of Bollywood tunes you'd get quite a listenership.



Anonymous said...
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RadicalNeo said...

Hi, are you going to do another lesson anytime soon? I am waiting for it~!

ao said...

I'm going to add my two cents and say how wonderful your podcasts are for learning hindi. Bohut acha. Just fabulous. I see the last podcast was in December. I hope you come back from your hiatus because I really enjoy the podcasts, very well done. They keep the listener's attention and they are interesting and fun. Please keep doing the podcasts.